Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Machine Learning

April 21, 2018

What is Machine Learning? SAS defines machine learning as “a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. Using algorithms that iteratively learn from data, machine learning allows computers to find hidden insights without being explicitly programmed where to look.” Princeton University lecturer Rob Schapire puts it in simpler terms: “Machine learning studies computer algorithms for learning to […]

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Why Are Summer Internships Important?

February 21, 2018

Let’s look at six in-depth reasons why internships are critical for success—and how you can maximize your chances of finding the right one. 1. Discover the real world. Working as an intern gives you hands-on professional experience.  You’re not just there to do errands and make coffee—you’re there to work.  Bigger companies, like Facebook and […]

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How to Negotiate Your First Salary

January 21, 2018

Negotiating your salary, benefits, and even holiday time is an acceptable, and sometimes expected, part of the hiring process. But what can you request and how much is too much (or too little). Fear not! We have a handy guide for figuring out when to negotiate, how to negotiate, and for what you can negotiate. […]

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